Basic Web Design

One Time Set Up Fee:  $75

  • Up to 5 pages of text, images, and links

  • Digital photo and scanning services included

  • Design of logos, banners, and other graphics

  • Email Links & Internal Links

  • Meta Tag Structure Included

  • Backup Copy of files provided

  • 1 time uploading to host server - optional


  • Option 1:  Hosting service (and domain registration) paid for and provided by the customer.  No fees except those charged directly to the customer by the host server and registrar.
  • Option 2:  One Time Research Fee:  $5.  Hosting services suggested and assistance is provided in setting up the service.  The customer pays the set-up fee and monthly hosting charge directly to the provider along with any domain registration fees.
  • Option 3:  One Time Set up Fee:  $25.  Monthly Fee:  $10.  Hosting service provided by Ivey Designs, with your own domain name.  Domain registration fees may change the setup and the monthly fees.


  • Option 1:  The files are turned over to the customer for uploading and maintenance.
  • Option 2:  Included in Basic Design Fee.  One time upload by with additional text/placement error changes.  The User ID and Password must be provided by the customer.
  • Option 3:  Included in Maintenance Fee.  Unlimited upload by Ivey Designs.


  • Option 1:  One Time Research Fee:  $25.  
    • 1 Time submission to Search Engines (placement not guaranteed).
    • Search/Suggest
      • subject related sites for links
      • local area links and exchanges
      • fee paid search engine placement
  • Option 2:  Included in Maintenance Fee.  Continue Search/Suggest and submission for promotion purposes.


  • Option 1:  Per Month:  $10  
    • Up to 5 changes per month (text, images, links)
    • Up to 5 promotional searches/submissions per month
  • Option 2:  Per  Batch Change:  $25.  Services provided on an as needed basis.


One Time Setup Fee:  $15

Monthly Maintenance:  $10

  • Email
  • Autoresponders
  • Calendar
  • Chat/IM
  • Forms
  • FAQs
  • Forum
  • Guestbook
  • Counter
  • Weather
  • News/Sports Ticker
  • Webrings/Banner Exchanges

eCommerce/Shopping Cart/PayPal

Quoted as needed


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