These sets are linkware and are free for you to use for your personal web page. You must provide a link back to my site on the same page as the set you download.

I would appreciate your sending me an email with the URL of your page using my web set so that I can add you to my list of links.

If you need any type of customization, please email me at iveydesigns@cox.net

Do not link directly to my server.

Please do not include in graphics or background collections.

Most of the graphics have been created by me using Paint Shop Pro, Blade Pro/Super Blade Pro, 20/20, Background Magic, PhotoShop, or PhotoPaint. Various tutorials, plug-ins, filters and some tubes have been utilized. Some images are from clipart CD's I purchased or scanned items that I own. 

Some materials contained in this site may have been obtained through public distribution channels and are assumed to be either "public domain" or it's free, non-commercial distribution to be allowed by the copyright holder. If you hold copyright to any material contained in this site and wish it's removal, please contact me and provide documentation to support your claim.

Thank you




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