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            The year of 2002 has become a time of change or transition for me.  Personal circumstances in my life have altered my outlook for each day and my goals for the future.  Before, my days were limited to pleasing others in my world and to cementing a lifelong relationship with the man of my life.  Now, I am making it my mission to not so much “pleasing” others, but to make a contribution to making life in general better for those not in my immediate world.

            My role in a full-time work environment is somewhat satisfying and will continue to be for a long time.  There may not be room for advancement, but I am very much appreciated, and to me, that is reward enough in itself to offset moving up in my career field.  I can say that I have accomplished short-term goals, such as purchasing a home, having a beautiful, wonderful child, faithfully loving a man with all my heart and soul, and starting each new day with a happy and content heart. 

            My struggle with the outside world is more within myself.  I am basically a conservative, quiet personality and I have always kept a low profile.  I do not intend to put myself in a bright spotlight, but I do wish to maximize my few talents to the fullest, and interact with LIFE.

            I believe those who do know me, consider me loyal and steadfast, honest, and sincere.  I try to uphold a code of ethics, if you will.  I can honestly say that when people see me, they can think, “There goes a good, decent human being.”  Don’t get me wrong, in my past, I have done things that I’m not so proud of, but I have evolved into a better person because of all those things that I have experienced.

            The past several years have been very trying, first with the death of my 70 year old father, then the death of my 11-year-old stepdaughter, and finally the failure of my second marriage of 7 years.  All of these events together have opened my eyes, and it has been revealed to me that yes, I may be a good, decent human being, but I have really only served myself and not others (Romans 12 and Hebrews 13).

            The success of my career has been established, with a few small minor goals pending.  The success of my marriage and family life is questionable.  The success of my life… I have only just begun.

I suggest three such signals that, if heeded, will help us guide through the storms of life:

  1. CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS WITH CAUTION- associate with those who, like you, are planning for the things that matters most. Not only will your circle of friends greatly influence your thinking and behavior; but you will also influence theirs. 

  2. PLAN YOUR FUTURE WITH PURPOSE- remember, however, that our business in life is not to get ahead of others, but to get ahead of ourselves. To break our own record, to out ship our yesterdays by today, to bear our trials more beautifully than we ever dreamed we could, to give as we never have given, to do our work with more force and finer finish than ever - this is our true objective. 

  3. FRAME YOUR LIFE WITH FAITH- when you have an abiding faith, when your outward actions reflect your inner convictions, you have the composite strength of exposed and hidden virtues. They combine to give safe passage through whatever rough seas might arise.

--- Thomas S. Monson ---





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